Reciprocal Agreement – Malta Union Club

Reciprocal Agreement – Malta Union Club

The RMYC has entered into a reciprocal agreement with the Malta Union Club by which members of both clubs may make use of either club’s facilities as enjoyed by the host club’s members.  A valid membership card will be required while registering entry to the Host Club.

No membership payments will be due by reciprocal members for entrance to the Host Clubs and payments for any amenities enjoyed will the same as that charged to Host Club’s Members. Booking for amenities has to be done through the Host Club’s Secretary.

Reciprocal members shall abide by the Rules, by-laws and Regulations of the Host Club, including Dress Code.

This agreement excludes the use of the internal parking facilities in the Malta Union Club which remain for the exclusive use of the members of the Malta Union Club.

Further information about the Malta Union Club may be found at






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