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The Benefits Of RMYC Membership

The Royal Malta Yacht Club racing calendar caters for a variety of racing classes – keelboat, one design class and dinghy races throughout the year.

The Royal Malta Yacht Club fosters a strong sense of community where sailors, sailing enthusiasts and their family and friends come together. From Race Prize Givings, to roof top parties, quiz nights and other celebrations social events at the Club create cherished memories. 

The Club’s restaurant, operated by Port 21, is all about elegance and panoramic views, especially from our rooftop terrace.  The Restaurant team prides itself in expert preparation of a meticulous menu selection catering for a very discerning clientele.

The Royal Malta Yacht Club Marina is located right on the Club’s waterfront and is available to members and non-members. Operating seasonally from May until September, the Marina can accommodate up to 65 boats reaching 14m in length.  Water and Electricity is supplied on a prepaid basis. 

The Royal Malta Yacht Club offers its members excellent waterfront facilities, a  welcoming clubhouse with popular restaurant, bar and rooftop terrace.  The Club operates seasonal marina  from May to September. 

Being a member of the Royal Malta Yacht Club also provides access to an extensive,  international and, exclusive network of historical and high quality Clubs around the world.

10% discount is being offered to our Full, Family and Life members wishing to start lessons at the Club.   For more information or to apply kindly send an email to 


The RMYC Membership Process

Membership with the Royal Malta Yacht Club offers an exclusive and unparalleled experience for sailing aficionados, those with a passion for the sea as well as individuals and families wishing to join a close-knit, like-minded community.

With a diverse range of membership options tailored to suit various preferences, individuals of all ages and skill levels can find their place within the club. From seasoned sailors to beginners, the Royal Malta Yacht Club provides access to excellent facilities, expert training programmes, and a busy calendar of thrilling sailing events, including regattas and races.

Membership, however,  goes beyond the sport, as it fosters strong bonds and lasting friendships among members through vibrant social gatherings and charitable initiatives.

Embracing a rich history becoming a member of the Royal Malta Yacht Club grants individuals a pathway to adventure, camaraderie, and passion for the open waters.

Becoming a member of the Royal Malta Yacht Club can be done by personally contacting a Committee Member; or by stating intent and filling the Membership Application Form below. 

Stage 1
Preliminary Application
Prospective members are to fill in the Membership Application Form below. Our Membership Co-ordinator would be more than happy to provide guidance on the appropriate class of membership at this stage. When submitting the initial application, prospective members are requested to pay one time application fee, depending on their preferred Membership Class. Furthermore they are required to provide a copy of their Identity Card or Passport as well as a copy of any utility bill as proof of address.
Stage 1
Stage 2
Full Application
Upon receipt of the payment, applicants will receive an email containing a comprehensive form to be completed in full. Prospective members require to be proposed and seconded by two long standing full members of the Club. Both individuals proposing and seconding the prospective members should have been full members for a minimum period of two consecutive years prior to the date of application.
Stage 2
Stage 3
Upon receipt of membership application form, letter of proposal for membership, as well as any other information which the potential member may deem fit to add to their application should be attached to the said application and sent via email to Upon receipt of all relevant documentation, the application for membership will be processed by the Club’s membership vetting board and the potential member will be notified and guided accordingly. Membership evaluation can take up to three months in processing time.
Stage 3
Stage 4
A member will be notified of the evaluation process. Members will be provided with a membership card which they should have in their possession any time they visit the Royal Malta Yacht Club premises.
Stage 4

Membership options

Membership Class
One Time Application Fee
Annual Subscription
Open to persons under the age of 18 years subject to consent of their legal guardian and full time students up to the age of 25.
Open to all persons over 18 years of age.
Open to all persons and their partners over 18 years of age, as Full Members, including children up to the age of 18 as cadet members.
A Full Member may acquire Life Membership upon payment of the appropriate fee, after the first year of membership. Life membership shall also be extended to members who would have served on the RMYC committee for a minimum period of five full years, and who would have remained uninterruptedly full members on reaching the age of 65.
Granted by the Committee at its discretion, for a specific period. Membership Rates as at 1st January 2024
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Membership Application

Applicants are kindly informed that by completing this form, they are initiating the process of applying for membership at the Royal Malta Yacht Club. Please note that a non-refundable application fee may be required upon submission of this form. Upon receipt of the payment, applicants will receive an email containing a comprehensive form to be completed in full, which needs to be sent via email to

It is important to be aware that new memberships require seconding by an existing member in good standing. We encourage prospective members to familiarize themselves with the club’s regulations prior to submitting their application.

We appreciate your interest in joining the club and look forward to welcoming you into our thriving community.

To proceed with your application, please sign in to your existing account or create a new account on our website. This will enable a seamless application process and allow you to save and access your application details at any time.

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