Counterfeit Beatles Gig – Saturday 11th June 2016

Counterfeit Beatles Gig – Saturday 11th June 2016

On the occasion ofthe official annual celebration of the Queen's birthday, the Royal Malta YachtClub will be organising a party to bring a bit of Sixties Britain to the Club.

The Beatles, werequite simply the most critically acclaimed pop group of all time, whorevolutionised the sound and style of popular music, opening rock and roll to awave of British rock acts – They were indeed music royalty dominating thecharts worldwide.

Whilst it is notpossible to bring over the Beatles to play a gig for us, we will still behosting some Beatlemania at the Club thanks to The Counterfeit Beatles, a bandthat has established itself as of the UK's most sought after international actsand who we promise will get you to twist and shout the night away.

So, with a little helpfrom our friends, our members and their guests will come together for anevening of good fun at the Club.

Go ahead, mark yourdiaries for Saturday 11th June and we will get back to you with moreinformation shortly.

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