“The Holy Grail”

“The Holy Grail”

Dear Members,

This is a small reminder from our friends at the Association of International Women in Malta, who will be hosting their next lecture at the RMYC on Thursday, April 25th

This month’s AIWM lecture is entitled: ‘The Holy Grail ’ and will be given by Dr Dane Munro . Dr Munro will share his contribution to an EU-funded project about localising ideas surrounding the origins of the Holy Grail and converting them into a tourist trail. As the saying goes ‘Do not let the truth stand in the way of a good story!’ and in this vein Dr Munro will tell us a fantastic story, in which the Holy Grail is actually a Maltese Neolithic stone cup given to a deserving person, and like the World Cup, handed over from one to another. It ended up on the table at the Last Supper and was brought back to Malta by the Knights Hospitallers as keepers of the Holy Grail, rather than the Templars. Since the lips of Christ had touched the Holy Grail, it became the most coveted object in the world!  Dr Munro Ph.D., KM, is a Resident Academic at the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture (ITTC) at the University of Malta

Lecture Title:             ‘The Holy Grail’
Meeting place:           Royal Malta Yacht Club, ix-Xatt Ta’ Xbiex
Cost:                            €10  (Guests, partners and friends are also very welcome)
Time:                           18:00 Welcome Cocktail, 18.30 Lecture
Booking Deadline:     Tuesday April 23rd

There will also be the option to stay on for dinner after the lecture at 20:00. Dinner ’a la carte’ at the Royal Malta Yacht Club Restaurant. The restaurant cost is not included in the cost given above.

Please contact Pauline Curran at pauline.curran@gmail.com, if you would be interested in this lecture. Please specify if you would be interested in staying on for a dinner after the lecture. You should pay Pauline for this event on the day.


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