Social Media Challenge #7

Social Media Challenge #7

The Corona virus pandemic has taken its toll on #sport with events suspended or cancelled as attempts to keep the outbreak under control. The Club  got some of its members and sailors to answer a few questions – just to see how they are doing at the moment.

Jamie Sammut  shares his thoughts on life as we are now experiencing it.

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What I am missing the most is the fact that we cannot go near our elderly relatives. Although we can, so far, still cycle keeping social distancing norms, what is painful is that we  cannot go to Sicily for races and leisure. Perhaps even more stressful is the paranoia of possibly contracting the virus.

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Sailing in Greece with friends and family. This happening, this year, looking highly impossible.

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The thought of freedom is enough, I guess. For sure looking forward to meeting up with friends that I haven’t seen in ages. Maybe organise a trip abroad with the boat. It is not just about me though. At the moment the kids miss their friends too,  although they have adapted quite well to the situation. Still, it is hard seeing them talk to an iPad and listening to them saying how much they miss them is hard. All they want is to have a party with them all.

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