Social Media Challenge #1

Social Media Challenge #1

The Corona virus pandemic has taken its toll on sport with events suspended or cancelled as attempts to keep the outbreak under control.  The Club  got some of its members and sailors to answer a few questions – just to see how they are doing at the moment.

Andrew Agius Delicata who sails on Vivace kicked off the SocialMedia Challenge. Here are his answers.

1. What are you missing the most (can also not be related to sailing)?
I miss the freedom and the excitement of being able to race and socialize with people.

2. What is your recent favourite moment whilst sailing?
Without a doubt sailing to Sicily with dolphins all around us. Also these fun races where at the end of the day you enjoy a nice cold beer.

3. What are you looking forward to the most when this is all over?
Catching up with friends and family while being able to have a conversation/ sail with someone without any fear of the virus. + also being able to get married without the worry of postponement due to the virus again!





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