Malta starts Countdown for the 2024 SB20 European Championships

Malta starts Countdown for the 2024 SB20 European Championships

The countdown to the 2024 SB20 European Championships in Malta has begun, with only 100 days remaining until the event. The excitement is building as a strong fleet of competitors is assembling for what promises to be a thrilling championship. Malta’s waters are known for their warm temperatures and with a constant breeze blowing through Valletta’s stunning bastions this creates a perfect backdrop for sailors from different so many nations preparing to showcase their skills.

Co-hosted by the SB20 Malta Association and the Royal Malta Yacht Club, between the 29th September and the 4th of October,  the 2024 SB20 European Championships promises to be a well-organized and memorable event. The Royal Malta Yacht Club, with its years of experience in hosting high-profile sailing competitions, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Partnering with the SB20 Malta Association, the two promise to deliver a world-class, memorable event.

To date, countries that have already confirmed participation are France, UK, Hungary, Singapore, South Africa and Maldova. We are awaiting registrations from Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Dubai and Australia. As is expected, Malta will be well represented in full force. Complementing Team Malta will be an all-female crew and a youth team adding to the diversity and excitement of the competition.  The entries which have already been received highlight the international appeal of the event.

The SB20 Class, developed in the early 2000s, has quickly become a favorite among sailors for its high-performance capabilities and accessibility. The SB20 was designed to be fast, competitive, and easy to sail, making it ideal for both seasoned racers and those new to the sport. With a sleek, modern design and a focus on close, tactical racing, the SB20 has fostered an ever-growing international community. Its strict one-design rules ensure a level playing field, where success is determined by skill and teamwork rather than equipment advantages.

“Participants and spectators alike can look forward to an exhilarating event marked by tactical races, sportsmanship, and the scenic beauty of Malta. The island is renowned for its excellent wind and sailing conditions. Racing will take place against a scenic backdrop of rugged coastlines, crystal-clear waters, and historic landmarks, creating a picturesque setting that enhances the overall experience” remarked David Cremona, Commodore, of the Royal Malta Yacht Club.

The appeal of this event has also piqued the interest of several high-profile organisations that will be lending their support to the SB20 European Championships.  Amongst those who have confirmed their support are Yachting Malta Ltd, Visit Malta – Malta Tourism Authority, Cisk Lager, Malfy Gin, Seajet and ST Hotels.

“As the event approaches, the anticipation grows, setting the stage for an unforgettable championship in one of the most stunning sailing venues in Europe.  We are thrilled to see the interest that is being generated, not only locally but also from our friends around Europe and beyond ” commented Steve Carter, President, of the SB20 Malta Association.

Registration for the 2024 SB20 European Championships in Malta is open via the below link

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