Ropework Seminar

November 8, 2023

As part of the events around the annual BOV Gozo Weekend Regatta the Club will be hosting a Ropework Seminar, which will be presented by Patrick Genovese.

Learning to tie knots quickly, safely and applying the right knot to the right situation is an essential seamanship skill.  This presentation will explore a small selection of essential knots, rope handling techniques, and how to apply them correctly. I

Patrick’s professional background is in IT, but he is an avid sailor and a member of the BeFree sailing team. His knowledge on boating is vast and we call him the walking encyclopaedia. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of boating and goes into detail about practically anything to do with boating. He will be willing to help anyone of you. 

Entrance is free but those interested in attending are invited to Register

The Ropework Seminar will take place on the 8th November at 1800hrs at the Royal Malta Yacht Club

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