Catena Media & RMYC renew partnership

Catena Media & RMYC renew partnership

Online lead generation company Catena Media and the Royal Malta Yacht Club Sailing School have extended their partnership for a further period of two years.

Catena Media and the Royal Malta Yacht Club’s partnership goes back to 2019 when an initial investment in the Club’s sailing school equipment was made.

As the RMYC’s school student population continues to increase so does the need to replace older equipment. Catena Media’s financial support has been translated into the purchasing of brand-new sails for the School’s RS Vision Fleet as well as the investment of a new rigid-hull inflatable boat (RHIB) which will be used by instructors to remain as close as possible to the young sailors whilst undergoing training.

The RMYC Sailing School continues to thrive, despite the pandemic challenges being faced.  Its student population has increased substantially. In addition to this, the School’s facilities and coaching team have consistently attracted international competitive sailors and Olympic medallists for year round training.

“Our young sailors are in awe of the many Olympians that mingle with them at the Club.  The close encounters they have with them is inspirational and we have seen increased motivation by our students to keep training hard” explained RMYC Commodore David Cremona.  “The investment, which Catena Media has enabled us to make, will certainly reap benefits for the sport in the longer term”

Catena Media’s VP of Global Transformation Hamish Brown described Catena Media’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme as being more than written promises.   Its CSR programme is an ongoing and active commitment to the community in which they operate.

“Catena Media’s purpose is to empower those entities and individuals who are in the pursuit of excellence and who like us understand the importance of going out of one’s comfort zone. The RMYC Sailing School fits in very much with Catena Media’s culture and mindset and it is our pleasure to continue supporting the school.”

The sponsorship agreement was signed by RMYC Commodore David Cremona and Catena Media’s VP of Global Transformation Hamish Brown.  Present for the signing were Catena Media’s Chief Human Resources Officer Fiona Ewins Browns, Committee Member (Sailing School) Luca Lacitingola and sailing school operator Sailcoach founder Trevor Millar.

More information on the RMYC Sailing School can be found on

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