2018 Carnival Party

2018 Carnival Party

Club Members and their friends are invited to a Carnival Party on Friday 9th February from 8pm onwards. 

The popular band BNBees will be playing live all night – (for those in the know, they were previously known as the Flying Alligators – Ronnie, Billy, Gilly)

A mouthwatering selection of pizzas from our menu wil be served. 

To join the fun there are THREE Basic Rules

1.     Dress up

2.     Party

3.     Have Fun 

Dress up as your favourite comic book hero, childhood cartoon, your favourite celebrity… or just put your creative juices together and surprise us! 

A Prize for the most creative costume will be given out.

Tickets, sold for €12 per person, are available on sale at the Club Secretariat and are to be collected by not later than Wednesday 7th February.

For more information call us on +356 21 333109 or email us on info@rmyc.org


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