The History of Rock ‘n Roll

February 1, 2024

The RMYC will be hosting a series of eight lectures on the history of Rock and Rhythm ‘n Blues from 1900 to 1979 at the Royal Malta Yacht Club starting Thursday 1st February at 6pm and on each following Thursday. 

The lectures, which will be delivered by Noel Mallia, will consist of the following:-

1. The Blues and the roots of Rock ‘n Roll and Rhythm n’ Blues (1900-1959)
2. The early Sixties and pre-Beatles Rock n Roll – The Beatles – The British Beatboom and Invasion (1960-1965)
3. The Folk Revival (1958-1962) Bob Dylan and Folk-Rock (1962-1965)
4. Rhythm and Blues – The development of – Tamla Motown – Southern Soul – Atlantic Records (1950-1969)
5. Psychedelia – Hippies and the Summer Of Love – Monterey and Altamont – The Vietnam War – The end of a dream (1966-1969)
6. Progressive Rock – Blues Rock – The Birth of Heavy Metal (1967-1975)
7. Singer-songwriters – Country and Soft Rock – The Classic Rock Years (1970-1976)
8. Glam Rock – Punk Rock – Funk and Disco (1970-1979)

Lectures will be of a 75 minute duration, with a ten minute break and are open to RMYC members and friends. 

Participation is free of charge but a contribution of €10 per lecture or €25 for the whole series will be collected and donated by the RMYC to the Food Bank Lifeline Foundation.

After each lecture participants are invited to stay on for a drink or dinner at the Club’s Bar & Restaurant. 

Since places are limited, those interested are advised to send an email to by not later than Tuesday 30th January in order to secure a place.

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