Balance and Self Care Workshop

14 September 2017

Date: Thursday 14th September, 2017 | Time: 17:00 - 20:00hrs

September is the month when we all go back to our usual work, study or family commitments after the holiday break. So this is the best month to prepare for our mental return to normality.

At first we can feel recharged with new energies that often give us the impression that we are able to handle everything; however, after a while we can find ourselves again overwhelmed by work, family and social commitments.

Wouldn’t it be better to prepare for this in advance, and learn new tools that can help you find and maintain your balance while taking care of yourself and your most authentic needs?

 The Royal Malta Yacht Club is pleased to present the Mind Coaching Seminar:

“Balance and Self-Care”

Join us for stimulating, engaging and practical exercises based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques and Neuroplastic Studies (Thought Study Neurology)

During the seminar, you will:

- Learn how to identify your true needs and live a balanced and satisfying life;

- Learn about your comfort zone and come to understand if you feel “blocked” or if you are pushing yourself too much ;

- Learn to use your energies and mind resources better;

-Learn about your strengths and how you can extract energy from them;

- Learn how to prepare your mind to embrace ‘WINTER’ the best possible way you can;


Date: 14 September 2017, 17:00hrs – 20:00hrs

Where: Royal Malta Yacht Club (RMYC)

Members’ Fee: €18

Early Bird Discount: €20 if paid before 10 September

Participation Fee: €25

Coffee and biscuits will be served.  Limited number of participants, so book SOON!

Booking and full payment kindly requested before 13th September.

Bookings online - For Cash Bookings - or (before 3rd of September)

Feel free to keep the fun going and gather at the RMYC bar afterwards for drinks and socialising!

About the Presenter:

Monica Popes is a Licensed NLP Trainer, Licensed NLP Life Coach, Licensed Sports

Performance Coach, and a Specialist Practitioner in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning.

Monica is particularly interested in Neuroplasticity Studies and Qui Gong practices and belongs to the International Association of Linguistic Intelligence.

For more information:

Take care of your mind as you do your body.

Train to become the best version of yourself!

Monica Popes